What will my hours be?
Your franchise office will be open Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There are no office hours on Saturday, although work on that day may be scheduled if needed. This is a seasonal business and your peak season will run from mid February through mid August. As the Franchisee, you should expect to work 60 hours or more a week during the peak season, and forty hours in during the off-season. These hours will include evening and weekend appointments with your customer.
Do I have to quit my present job?
Yes, you must devote your full attention to your franchise. Part-time effort will earn only part-time results.
How does financing work?
Affordable Decks Franchise Systems, Inc. does not offer financing, but we will assist you in developing a business plan that will help you obtain financing.
Do I need any related experience?
It is certainly helpful to have a background in management, construction and/or computer design, but not necessary. Affordable Decks Franchise Systems, Inc. will provide the requisite knowledge and experience to help you become a business owner. Furthermore, we will provide all necessary training for owners and managers, plus ongoing assistance. With your commitment and our expertise, you will quickly acquire the necessary experience.
Must I use specific vendors?
All equipment and supplies may be acquired through local vendors, who should meet specifications outlined by the Franchisor. The Franchisor will assist each Franchisee in locating approved suppliers as necessary. Discount on materials will be available through specified vendors.
May I sell my franchise?
You must notify the Franchisor in writing of your intention to terminate, transfer or sell the business. The Franchisor has the right of first refusal. The Franchisor may also find another qualified Franchisee to purchase the business. If this right is not exercised, you may sell your business as long as the corporate officers of Affordable Decks Franchise Systems, Inc. approve the potential buyer. All fee payments must be up-to-date and all proprietary materials must be returned to the Franchisor. There is a $2,000 transfer fee. Fees are nonrefundable.
Is there a regional national advertising program?
At this time Affordable Decks Franchise Systems, Inc. does not yet conduct a regional advertising program. You should design and conduct your own local advertising campaign, following our comprehensive marketing plan. In the future, we plan to institute regional advertising programs, to be paid by franchisee fees.
May I own more than one Affordable Decks and Additions franchise?
Yes, you have the option of initially purchasing an area for development that is large enough to support additional franchises. You may also purchase additional franchise areas after establishing your first franchise. Any additional franchises must be in an area that does not infringe on another Affordable Decks Franchise.
What if I want to have partners?
You may choose to establish your business with as many partners as you think is feasible. Each partner must complete an application and be approved by the Franchisor. A partnership should designate specific duties and roles for each partner and establish one partner as the financial spokesperson.
What kind of insurance is needed?
You will need workers compensation and a minimum of $1,000,000 commercial liability coverage. You will also need general business insurance including, but not limited to, disability, business interruption, personal property and automotive for all company-owned vehicles. If you are leasing the physical premise for your business, your landlord may also have specific insurance requirements.
What about competition?
The competition my be heavy but, for nearly 30 years Affordable Decks has built an outstanding reputation for providing innovative, customized and reasonably-priced home improvements. Our acclaimed name and superior products will give you a powerful advantage over your competitors. Many other franchises in our field have become successful.
Should I have computer experience
Yes, it would be helpful to have some knowledge of CAD. Experience with accounting software is also helpful.
How much construction knowledge do I need?
Experience in the construction business would be a big plus. Any knowledge beyond basics of construction would bolster the success of your franchise.
What annual dollar volume can I expect?
In the first year, you could expect between $85,000 to $125,000. This estimate is based on $750,000 to $1,000,000 in sales.
How will I get most of my leads?
Affordable Decks has been in business for nearly 30 years. Most of your leads will be supplied by previous customers, friends and neighbors. You’ll also generate interest through advertising in the Yellow Pages and marketing efforts at home shows and other local activities that focus on your area. We will provide an extensive marketing plan that will focus and guide your marketing efforts.
How much working capital will I need?
You will need at least $100,000 to start-up and a credit line at a local bank, which you will need for slower times of the year.
What key ingredient will make my franchise successful
Hard work is essential, of course, but the key ingredient in the recipe to your success will be reliable, knowledgeable subcontractors who have proper training.
How often will I meet the corporate office?
Once your franchise is established, you will be required to attend a monthly meeting between all Franchisees and the corporate office, during these meetings, we will review records, answer questions and discuss pertinent issues such as complicated services or applications. If a pressing issue arises that requires immediate attention, you can always call the Corporate Office to arrange a phone or in-person consultation.